Waterfowl Nest Box Monitoring Winter 2015/2016

It's that time of year to take advantage of this short window of time when the ice on the ponds is thick enough to walk on. We monitor several waterfowl nest boxes on the property and have been for over 75 years.  Wood ducks and hooded mergansers frequently use the boxes during their breeding seasons, which occurs in March and April.  

I also observed river otter tracks at Beaver Pond today.

Posted from the field

Mid-winter eagle count at Bantam Lake

Adult Bald Eagle observed during the 2016 Mid-winter Eagle Count (Jan. 9, 2016)
 along Bantam River, south of Little Pond by Michael Doyle.
 (Photo by Michael Doyle)

Frank Errico scanning the Bantam Lake outlet at North Shore Rd.

Frank Errivo and Michael Doyle helped with this year's survey. The Mid-winter eagle count is conducted by he US Fish and Wildlife Agency and by state agencies to assess the status of Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle populations.  This year one mature bald eagle was observed along Bantam River, south of Little Pond by Mike Doyle.  Since we the time and our winter weather has rather mild, we also surveyed several other nearby water bodies.  There was plenty of open, ice-free water so it was worth the investment, unfortunately we didn't observe any other Eagles.  All of our data was reported to CT DEEP Wildlife Division.

Posted from the field.

Wildlife Monitor's New Look

I've updated the Wildlife Monitor's layout.  Take a look around the page and let me know how it appears and how it functions.  I've added a comprehensive list of publications, links to the weather station, and a list of our field guides.  The BirdTrax app is located at the bottom of the page.  I am reviewing other apps that can be used on the page, as well.  There are many things that I'm still working on and developing, nevertheless its a new look for a new year.