Wildlife Monitor Page Design Updates

You have already noticed the new header image.  The formatting of the archives in the left sidebar was modified.  The number of blog entries displayed when you initially come to the weblog page was changed to a total of five entries.  You will also notice that the page dimensions are a little wider.  Also, I added two weather tools to the left sidebar that corresponds with the current climatic conditions of Litchfield, CT.  I hope this encourages you to plan your next trip appropriately.


Leo said...

I like the updates you've made Jamie. The weather tools are a nice touch.

James Fischer said...

Thanks, Leo. We are taking this project one step at a time. Feel free to let me know of anything else to improve the blog.

Anonymous said...

I think I see Dave at the weather controls. We'll have to work around that. :)
Actually the changes are great improvements!
Good Job Jamie!