Frog and Toad Call Study Guide

We are surveying frogs and toads at White Memorial by call recognition.  This is a study guide for volunteers to become more familiar with the calls of the frogs and toads that we are searching for on the property.  If you are interested in volunteering to help our survey efforts please contact White Memorial for more information (860-567-0857).

How to use this study guide:  
Play each video and observe the animal vocalizing their call.  You can play more one video at the same time to hear each call in close proximity.  This could be useful for vocalizations that have similar qualities such as the American toad and Fowler's toad.  You can also hear in several of these videos the songs of other  species other than the focal species.  Can you identify the calls in the background?  Feel free to make a tape of the calls in the field at your survey points and compare them to the calls on this study guide.  Frogs and toads will have regional dialects to their vocalizations, just like songbirds.  Can you identify any of these variations?  

American toad

Fowler's toad

Bull frog

Northern leopard frog

Pickerel frog

Green frog

Spring peeper

Wood frog

Gray treefrog

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