Confirming the presence and local distribution of porcupine (Erithizon dorsatum) on the White Memorial Foundation property, Litchfield and Morris, Litchfield County, USA.

This project is examining if a porcupine that was observed in the Five Pond vicinity this winter still resides in this area.  Porcupines have a limited distribution in Connecticut, inhabiting the Northwest and Northeast corners of the state.  Porcupines have been observed in Litchfield, as well as other towns in close proximity.  So far we have not observed a porcupine residing on the White Memorial Property until this past winter.  Porcupines have a strong salt drive in the spring and early summer months, therefore we want to use this behavior to aid in detecting this species during the summer.  We want to learn where/if this animal is living on the property and what habitat it is using.  We soaked pine 1 inch x 1 inch x 18 inch stakes in a salt water solution equivalent to sea water for 4 days then let them dry.  We placed these stakes in a grid around the winter homerange at 0.25 mile intervals.  I visited the stations today and replaced each with new salt-water soaked stakes.  I observed some chewing on the stakes, but it appears to have been by our squirrel species primarily.  We'll keep checking and replacing the stakes for a couple more months.

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