Moose Sighted on WMF Property Today!

Moose track found by Frank Errico on May 5, 2011,
300 meters southwest of  junction S. R. 202 and Butternut Brook,
Litchfield, Litchfield Co., CT, USA (scale equals 6 inches or 15.2 cm long).
Photo By: James Fischer

A moose was observed crossing S.R. 202 at the junction with Butternut Brook moving southwesterly (downstream) at 7:45 a.m.

Moose are recolonizing the state of Connecticut, after at least a century since Europeans extirpated the populations of Southern New England.  Connecticut's European settlers altered habitats and harvested the populations with little regard for sustaining the population.  In the years since, forests now occupy most of the landscape where farms once dominated and laws have been created that sustain moose populations  by regulating harvests throughout the New England Region.  The collaboration between government agencies assures moose can disperse from other areas to re-colonize the state of Connecticut and areas where they had been observed historically.  


Leo said...

Thanks for the news Jamie. I love this blog!

Geralyn Montambault said...

Love your blog! Does anyone know if this Moose was a bull or cow?

James Fischer said...

I am glad you guys like the blog!

So far we do not know the sex of this animal. It was last reported in Southbury through the town of Morris. This information is from Andrew Labonte (CT DEP, Wildlife Division).

Anonymous said...

I'll keep an eye peeled for Bullwinkle when I go to Bantam Bread ! - Judi Mandl

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