Friday's A-Team

(l to r) Marcus, Nicole, and Olivia S.
Our Friday's A-Team!
photo by Gerri Griswold
We know when quality people walk through the door!  Marcus, Nicole, and Olivia help us with a wide variety of tasks.  Lately, they have helped us with several tasks in the Museum, as well as helping us with the Amphibian Cover-Board grids and Remote Trigger Camera Stations that we use to monitor wildlife on the property.

Nicole Morin
photo by Gerri Griswold
Nicole Morin has been volunteering with us for over a year.  Nicole is a student at Wamogo Regional School in the Agriculture Education Program.  She knows the program inside and out, which makes her at times one of our specialists with several jobs, especially animal care.

Marcus Johansson
photo by Gerri Griswold
Marcus is a student at Region #7 High School and is in the Agriculture Education Program where he wants to focus his attention towards Forestry.  Marcus is our kind of guy because last week he asked me "When are we going outside?!" while rain clouds loomed to the north of us.  Marcus is a kid who wants to be outdoors, even when a storm is brewing!

Olivia Scott
photo by Gerri Griswold
Olivia is a cool young lady!  She is lives in New York City and grew up visiting her parent's home in Cornwall during the summers.  She attends Berkeley Carroll School where she is a junior and is focusing on becoming a veterinarian.  Olivia is always quick with the questions.  Curiosity is Olivia's guide.

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