Confirming the presence and local distribution of porcupine (Erithizon dorsatum) on the White Memorial Foundation property, Litchfield and Morris, Litchfield County, USA. -- Update I

Peculiar gnawing patterns observed on a salt-treated pine stake,
could be evidence of porcupine but we'll see!
photo by James Fischer

Setting the Scene:  Remote-Triggered Infrared Game Camera image of a salt-treated pine stake
 to serve as an attractant for animals that crave salt during the summer months,
 including porcupine, white-tailed deer, and squirrel species.
photo by James Fischer

A porcupine was observed near Teal Pond July 18, 2011 (Wildlife Monitor blog post).  This observation corresponds with other porcupine evidence observed earlier this year, which is our first observation of this species for the White Memorial Foundation property (Wildlife Monitor blog post).  We have been placing salt-treated pine stakes throughout the vicinity of these observations since late-March.  Marcus Johansson and Amanda Downey helped replace the stakes on July 28 & 29 with fresh stakes, which has occurred approximately monthly.  This insures that the amount of salt on the stakes is fairly consistent from month to month, since the salt can be leached out by precipitation and several different species that are also attracted to salt during the summer.  We observed some peculiar chewing on several of these stakes over the past several months (Wildlife Monitor blog post).  Notably, we observed this same peculiar gnawing pattern on the stake that was closest to the locale of the direct observation of the porcupine (see image).  This same stake has already been chewed on within the past week since it was replaced with a fresh salt-treated stake!  Therefore, we have selected this stake as a site for the use of a remote-triggered infrared game camera (see image).  We'll post any images that are recorded by this game camera, so check back often!

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