Introducing Our Graduate Student Intern -- Abby Conroy

Abby Conroy, MS Graduate Candidate at Green Mountain College checking amphibian cover-boards.
Abby is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science while concentrating on Conservation Biology from Green Mountain College.  Abby grew up in Bantam, CT right down the road from White Memorial.  She was raised hiking the trails and rowing across Bantam Lake while attending Taft School.  Abby graduated Allegheny College with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies.  Currently, she is examining potential thesis topics that she can explore in the Shepaug/Bantam River Watersheds.  Abby has traveled to Costa Rica to perform research, as well as working with CT DEEP Fisheries Division as a seasonal technician. We are looking forward to learning from Abby during her intellectual development at Green Mountain College.

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