Invasive Plant Patrol Controls Fig Buttercup (a.k.a. Lesser Celandine)

Jeff Greenwood, WMCC Education Director, brought his Invasive Plant Patrol to help with pulling and controlling Fig Buttercup (Ranunculus ficaria).  We have only detected one population of this invasive plant on the property.  Early detection of this plant increases our chances of controlling it and preventing it from becoming established throughout the property.  The Patrol used hand trowels, garden shovels, and buckets to remove small patches of Fig Buttercup by hand.  The Patrol also learned how to distinguish between other invasive species and native plants found in proximity with this invasive plant.  Faye Curran helped us with removing the plants closest to Bantam River, which are most likely to disperse to other favorable habitat for Fig Buttercup.

Hand-pulled Fig Buttercup, an invasive plant, destined for the dumpster.
Work was accomplished by Mr. Greenwood's Invasive Plant Patrol.
Hand trowels and elbow grease are the best tools to remove small patches of Fig Buttercup.

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