Thanks For A Great Summer White Memorial!

Since the first day of fall is tomorrow, my summer position as a wildlife technician with White Memorial has come to an end. It’s been an amazing summer and I was lucky enough to experience all of what White Memorial’s 4,000 acres has to offer and more. Most importantly, I feel as if I gained confidence with my knowledge of wildlife and the endless components affecting it. This summer has affirmed my passion for the outdoors and I look forward to finding out where it will take me in the future.

Cedar Waxwing
(Bombycilla cedrorum)
Green Frog
(Rana clamitans melanota)

I truly appreciate White Memorial’s staff accommodating and helpful disposition, especially to my mentor James Fischer. In these few, quick months, James taught me all he could squeeze in, including everything about birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, insects, plants, and so on. I feel as though I learned something about every aspect of the environment and have left White Memorial with a better sense of what specific field of wildlife conservation I want to pursue. My favorite thing about working at White Memorial is the ability to go out to the same field, trail, or marsh, and watch it transform almost on a daily basis. Waves of colors from wildflowers are constantly replacing each other, a wide diversity of birds migrating through, and the breeding season for wildlife that welcomes new life. I have also enjoyed sharing what I have learned with others through the Wildlife Monitor and volunteer programs. White Memorial has some great, dedicated volunteers that always put in 100 percent effort in whatever it is we throw at them. I’ve had a lot of fun working with both them and the staff. So I give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped make working at White Memorial a wonderful experience, which in the future I will look back at and smile.
Sunrise over Little Pond.

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