Introducing Our Seasonal Research Technician -- Jared Franklin

Jared Franklin
We are pleased to introduce you to Jared Franklin, our Seasonal Research Technician.  Jared has had a wide variety of experiences that make him an excellent addition to our staff.  He recently graduated from Messiah College with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science.  Jared grew up in Torrington, CT and graduated from Wamogo Regional High School in Agricultural Science Education Program.  During his academic studies, Jared broadened his perspective by traveling to several regions of the world including Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Thailand.  Jared's travels have impacted his intellectual development greatly.  In Costa Rica, he examined the health of volcanic rainforest streams compared to size, elevations, and levels of human disturbance.  This research examined how this impacted water quality and macroinvertebrate species assemblages.  He was a project leader in Nicaragua that researched water filtration and purification systems, sustainable development, and implications on local human community water resources.  Jared recently returned from Thailand, where he examined the relationship of current agricultural practices and their impacts on soil erosion.  We are fortunate to have Jared with us this summer.  Jared is guided by his desire to explore the natural world.  His perspective will have important impacts on our program.

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