Our First Songbird Nestbox Damaged by Black Bear

Songbird nestbox damaged by black bear, note the damage to the entrance and roof.
Damage included breaking the pole and bite marks to the predator guard.
We replaced the post and installed the box the following week.
We are checking our songbird nestboxes to insure they are ready as the cavity nesting songbirds return and establish their breeding territories.  We discovered a nestbox damaged; including a broken post, teeth marks on the box and predator guard.  The bite marks are large enough to suggest that the damage was caused by a black bear.  This is the first nestbox damaged by black bear on the property on the property since the bear population recolonized the region.  The box was reinstalled a few days later.  This is another example of how we need to get used to our new neighbor, granted the damage was minimal and reinstallation is very simple.  The purpose of this conservation project is to increase the nest sites for cavity nesting songbirds, which are commonly used by eastern bluebird, tree swallow, house wren, and infrequently used by black-capped chickadee.

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