Waterfowl Nest Boxes Check for 2017

(l to r) Jared Franklin, Rachelle Talbot, and Ireland Kennedy check waterfowl nest boxes
 to monitor seasonal productivity and maintenance needs.
White Memorial checks waterfowl nest boxes annually to monitor the breeding productivity of wood duck and hooded mergansers on the property.  Waterfowl populations have rebounded since the early 20th century due to increasing nest sites by installing nest boxes, protecting wetland habitats, and regulating harvesting by creating and enforcing wildlife conservation laws.  Waterfowl nest boxes are installed in or very close to wetland habitats on the Foundation property and are used briefly by the ducks for laying and incubating eggs.  Ducks and mergansers hatch fully feathered with their eyes open and vacate the boxes very soon after they hatch.  White Memorial has a total of 28 nest boxes on the property, of which we were able to safely check 27 boxes.  A total of 20 boxes were used by waterfowl which were able to fledge a total of 102 chicks.  Wood shavings are used as nesting materials and are replaced each year.

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