Introducing our 2017 Interns!

Kelsey with one of her goats, Dewey.

Kelsey, our Field Technician, is from Morris, CT. She graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2016, where she double majored in Biology and Environmental Science with a concentration in Geology (wow, what a mouthful!) She got her start in field work at Wamogo High School, where she participated in the Forman School Rainforest Project, and since then, she's been quite busy in both the field and lab. She's back at White Memorial for another field season, having interned in 2014. Because she has 47 animals at home, including alpaca, goats, and dogs, her free time is spent walking her dogs. She hopes to go to graduate school for aquatic biology.

This adorable lizard was the focus of Kimberly's
senior thesis, but she truly loves penguins and otters.

Kimberly, who is from Los Angeles, CA, is a recent graduate of Yale University who majored in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Through her classes and senior thesis, she has done fieldwork in the Yale Myers Forest, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and New Zealand. She intends to eventually attend graduate school and become a field scientist at a non-profit organization or government agency, but for now, she has no idea what she's doing after this summer besides enjoying her time at home, reading books, and walking her dogs.

Anthony waiting for bats to fly from the barn
for an emergence count.

Anthony E. is a rising senior majoring in Wildlife Biology at Colorado State University from Harwinton, CT. His university coursework has taken him through the mountains of Colorado to learn field methods in topics such as watershed science, wildlife biology, and urban wildlife. An avid fan of both wild cats and Cat Stevens, he plans to attend graduate school to research the behavior and conservation of wild felines, preferably overseas, and preferably of his favorite animal, the Sumatran tiger.

A wild Tatiana (or is it her identical twin? The world will never know...)
spotted at No Man's Land Swamp, channeling her
inner tiger (her favorite animal!) 

Tatiana is from Torrington, CT and is a rising sophomore majoring in Biology at Paul Smith's College. This is her first field season, and we're excited that she's joined White Memorial as she explores the wide expanse of the scientific field. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and listening to music.

Gwendolyn pondering Heron Pond.
Gwendolyn is a rising sophomore at The Gunnery from Litchfield, CT. She loves to row (she even rows before and after she comes to volunteer!!) This is her first field season as well, and she is currently thinking of studying astrophysics or nuclear engineering in college. She likes bumblebees, and while most of us haven't handled a bird before, she's ridden an ostrich!

Despite this picture, Anthony's favorite
animal is, in fact, the crab.

Anthony C. is a rising sophomore at Wamogo High School from Torrington, CT. This is also his first field season, but as a part of the Agricultural Sciences program at Wamogo, he has taken classes about Natural Resources and Earth Science. As a scout for 9 years, he is accustomed to being outside, and enjoys camping and hiking. He is currently interested in chemistry and psychology.

If you are interested in interning for White Memorial Conservation Center, please follow this link!

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