Coyote Tracking in Duck Pond Vicinity

Friday, January 18, 2011, start time: 13:15 p.m., end time:16:30 p.m., temperature ~34 degrees F, wind: SW 0 - 10 mph, cloud cover 90% - 100%, snow cover 8 - 32 inches.

Nicki Hall and I observed coyote tracks in the Duck Pond Vicinity; which is located north of Bissell Rd., southeast of S.R. 202, and west of White Woods Road.  The tracks were actually quite tricky to identify because their gate appeared to demonstrate that they were running from the trail while maneuvering through some dense cover.  We were quite puzzled at first because these tracks could have been domestic dog that wandered a little far from it's owners, who remained on the trail.  After a little bit of exploring, we observed a small clue that helped us to determine that it was indeed a coyote.  The tracks became a little clearer as the animal continued to walk further away from the trail.  The following pictures illustrates what we observed:

Photo by James Fischer
The coyote was running and it grazed a multi-flora rose branch.  Notice the photograph above that we observed fur on the rose thorns.  A closer inspection of the branch is below.

Photo by James Fischer
 Although the tracking conditions were challenging, with a bit more careful observations we were able to confidently identify the species. 

Good Tracking!


Leo said...

Interesting stuff Jamie!

Pam said...

Nice detective work! Great post!

James Fischer said...

Thanks Pam, I am glad you like it.