A Walk Along Webster Rd., Through Catlin Woods

Group of Wildlife Watchers along Webster Rd.
photographed by Dave Rosgen
On Wednesday, 2/16/11, Dave Rosgen led a group of wildlife watchers along the entire length of Webster Rd., which runs between Rt. 63 and White's Woods Rd. This allowed us to view the mixed coniferous/deciduous forest that is Catlin Woods, the wetland complexes along Miry and Catlin Brooks, and the fields that belong to Arethusa Farm without slipping and sliding on ice and snow. When we started out, the only thing that we encountered were American Crows, but that soon changed as we approached the farm fields. We saw a large flock of European Starlings in flight. They were being pursued by an American Kestrel, which has become a rare species to find in Connectcut during the winter.

Male American Kestrel photo from Animal Planet Photos

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