Amphibian Cover-Board Experiment Monthly Check -- July 2011

Wall Flower
A Grey Treefrog trying to blend into exterior of White Memorial's Green Barn.
photo by James Fischer
Becca Solnit and Ryan Gannon helped check amphibian cover-boards examining the differences of detection rates between soft and hard wood types.  We encountered 28 Redback Salamanders, 11 Red Efts, and 1 Spotted Salamander under the softwood boards.  A total of 20 Redback Salamanders, 17 Red Efts, and 1 Two-lined Salamander were observed under the hardwood boards.  We have a total of 132 stations examining the boards in a pairwise comparison, of which 45 (34%) stations had amphibians.  The weather was mild with temperatures in the mid 70's to low 80's (degrees Fahrenheit) and complete cloud cover.  Although the ambient relative humidity was high, the leaf litter and humus was fairly dry, which may explain why there were so few stations with amphibians today.

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