Introducing More of Our Summer Volunteers

Ryan Gannon
Ryan is a senior this year at Litchfield High School and has helped the program in a variety of capacities.  Ryan helped us with last year's Crayfish Survey and continues to help us with this project again this year, as well as with several other projects.  Ryan has turned into an ace crayfish rustler and is able to call out a field identification standing in shoulder deep water.  When he is not helping us, you will commonly see him running on White Memorial's trails training for the various cross country races that he runs in the area.

Madeline Bove
Madeline is a self-starter who is helping White Memorial Museum as well as the Research Program.  Although Madeline is fairly new to volunteering for White Memorial, she has been around attending the Education Programs.  She is great with multitasking.  Madeline can ring up a purchase at the cash register, run outside to capture Cerceris Wasps, and be back at the museum answering visitors questions, while smiling and asking if there is anything else she can do.  We look forward to having Madeline around because she brings a great deal of energy and enthusiasm with her.  She loves school, especially science courses, and is a sophomore at Litchfield High School.

Amanda Downey
Amanda attends the Agriculture Education Program at Region #7 High School, in Winsted, CT.  Amanda has was showing off her skills and abilities while we were bushwhacking through the Five Ponds area on the The White Memorial Foundation Property.  She was following the GPS to locate the salt-laden stakes used for the Porcupine Survey.  Amanda was climbing up cliffs and traversing every valley while focusing her attention to find the next stake.  Amanda was a real trooper and demonstrated that she has true grit.  We are looking forward to having her around White Memorial.

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Dear people thanks for the great job you are doing.You all are an example of loving and caring citizens. Love Grandma.