White Memorial Geographic Information System (GIS) Update

Matthew Goclowski takes a break from recording data
to show off a night Fisheries Survey catch
 with CT DEEP, Fisheries Division.

Basic Elements of White Memorial's Geographic Information System Upgrade
by Matthew Goclowski
Geographic Information System (GIS) is commonly associated with maps and the cartographers that build maps.  GIS has evolved into more than just maps.  It has become a way of perceiving the landscape and the unique relationships associated with features found on a landscape.  It is White Memorial's fortune that Matthew Goclowski approached us to help update our GIS database pro bono publico.  Matthew Goclowski is a fisheries biologist in Connecticut, who occasionally works for CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Fisheries Division.  He has worked for other natural resource management non-profit organizations in New England aiding their GIS needs and knew what we needed to get our system up to speed.  Matthew's education includes a Bachelor of Science from the University of Connecticut, a Master of Science from Auburn University, and a Postbaccalaureate Certificate in GIS from Pennsylvania State University.  Matt's upgrade will help us with a wide variety of Research and Conservation Program elements, primarily communicating with our colleagues in Natural Resource Management.

We thank Matt for his generosity and support.

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