Purple Martin Nest Box Installation

Purple Martin Nest Box Installed at Little Pond Boardwalk
photo by James Fischer

(l to r) Nicole Morin, Marcus Johansson, Dave Rosgen (White Memorial Biologist),
Amanda Downey, and Geoff Krukar (CT DEEP Wildlife Division Technician)
 hoist the Purple Martin nest box into its final position.
photo by James Fischer

We are pleased to announce that a Purple Martin nest box has been installed on the Little Pond Boardwalk near Sutton's Bridge.  Geoff Krukar, CT DEEP Wildlife Division Technician, facilitated the next box installation today.  The nest boxes were purchased using funds from the CT Endangered Species/Wildlife Income Tax Check-off Fund.  Purple Martins are colonial nesting swallow that have high nest fidelity.  It is quite challenging to initiate and maintain appropriate habitat for Purple Martins.  Currently, Connecticut has only a few colonies.  Hopefully, there will be at least one more colony in the state through the efforts of CT DEEP Wildlife Division at White Memorial.  The habitat was a vital consideration in this effort.  The Little Pond vicinity boasts several critical habitats, the most important for Purple Martins is vast herbaceous inland wetland where very few shrubs or trees can grow.  We have observed Purple Martins migrating through the Little Pond vicinity before, so we are optimistic that a colony will start to nest in this new nest box.  The box and pole is specifically designed for them.  The nest box is constructed of aluminum and can be lowered by using a winch and pulley cable system.  So, keep your eyes open for Purple Martins the next time you walk the Little Pond Boardwalk.

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