Leaf-footed Bug Visits a Friend

Leaf-footed Bug
A friend dropped this insect off at the museum to see if we could identify it.  The mystery insect was a leaf-footed bug (Family Coreidae).  They get their common name because the hind leg of some species has a pronounced dilated or leaf-like look (see image).  Many of you may have encountered these in your homes or garages.  Leaf-footed Bugs are most active in the late summer and autumn.  Most of the Coreid species are herbivores, while a few are predators of other insects. They are relatively harmless to humans and have probably crept into your house while following the warm air seeping out around your doors and windows (notice they have a relatively flat body shape).  When you see these animals in your home, you can easily capture and release them back outdoors.  If you handle them a little too aggressively they will emit a foul smelling odor onto your hands, so it is best to handle them gently.

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