Spotted Salamander moving on Groundhog Day?!

This Spotted Salamander was observed on February 2, 2012 near
No Mans Land Swamp on Stoddard Rd. (a.k.a. Morris Hill Rd.), Morris, CT
by David and Gabby Peters.  An early date for observing these guys, indeed!

Geez it's warm outside!  Our winter has been a mild one so far with little snow and mild winter temperatures.  It looks more like the land of eternal spring rather than the winter of discontent!  Our first harbinger of spring was a Spotted Salamander observed by one of White Memorial's neighbors on February 2, 2012.  Rather early for these guys, but so far it is the only report. We are not observing anything that suggests migratory movements back to their breeding habitats, yet.  This guy suggests that we probably need to finish our Winter Track Monitoring and getting ready for the Vernal Pool Monitoring program.  Stay tuned for further details about the next training date!


James Fischer said...

I just had a call from Jennifer in Sandisfield, MA that found a Spotted Salamander in her basement. She decided to escort it into her backyard, no worries though because they can tolerate low temperatures. Things are starting to perk up!

Brian said...

nice sized specimen!

James Fischer said...

We grow 'em big around these parts!