White Memorial Organizing BioBlitz for 2013

Middletown BioBlitz

White Memorial is proud to announce that it is planning a BioBlitz for May 31 - June 1, 2013 as part of the 100th anniversary celebration of White Memorial Foundation's incorporation.  A BioBlitz is an event where every living organism is counted within a 24 hour period.  Scientists who study specific groups of flora and fauna, referred to as taxonomists, perform the counting and are helped by volunteers.  Families are welcome to attend nature walks, learn more about our natural world, and participate in the inventory.  BioBlitzes are intense with every one trying to count as many species as possible and are loads of fun!  Thousands of organisms are counted by experts and amateurs in only 24 hours.  Our organizing committee consists of local educators, scientists, and conservationists.  Check back here to learn more about our BioBlitz in 2013!

Sue Clarkin, Wamogo High School Science Teacher
April Devereux, Wamogo High School Science Teacher
James Fischer, White Memorial Cons. Ctr. Research Director
Gerri Griswold, White Memorial Cons. Ctr. Director of Administration and Development
Jeff Greenwood, White Memorial Cons. Ctr. Education Director
Nicki Hall, Litchfield Hills Audubon Society Board Member
Twan Leenders, Connecticut Audubon Society Conservation Biologist
John Markelon, Litchfield High School Science Teacher

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