Small Mammal Inventory -- Little Pond -- Swamp White Oak/Basswood Stand

Juan Sanchez measures the hind foot of a white-footed mouse.

The animal was released after measurements were recorded.
If high speed indicates alertness and health, then this animal was very alert and healthy!  
We continued our inventory of small mammal species associated with various critical habitats.  This week we surveyed a unique stand of Swamp White Oak/American Basswood/Red Maple that has Carex tussocks and Skunk Cabbage in the understory and was densely colonized by the invasive Morrow's Honeysuckle bushes located near the Little Pond Boardwalk.  Although this area had muddy soils and would normally have been flooded with  knee-deep water, this area had very little water due to our dry spring season.  We have only captured White-footed Mice in this location.  All of the mice exhibited signs that they were reproductively active.  We will try to return to this site in the future to see if other small mammal species can be captured.  As the warm season progresses this area is usually very dense with ferns and other wetland associated species.

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