Portable Sawmill Mills WMF Trees into Wood Products

Trees harvested from the property are used to make picnic tables and
various other wood features that we use around the property. 

A portable sawmill is hired to mill the wood.
Lumber is stacked and dried for future use. 
We are proud that White Memorial Foundation is a working forest.  The trees are not only a key feature of the forest that is valued for wildlife habitat and aesthetic beauty, but the trees produce wood products that are used for a variety of purposes on the property.  Most of the wood that is harvested from the property is sold to local mills and firewood dealers, but a small amount is used here for the program's functions.  A local sawyer who operates a portable sawmill mills lumber for White Memorial every few years.  Oak, pine, and black locust are the species that are most used for constructing picnic tables and other products. 

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