Native Bee Monitoring -- Season's First Trap Check

Nicole Morin strains and refills the multi-colored bowl traps used to capture native bees. 

Bees and other insects captured in bowl traps are strained
and stored in plastic bags with tags until they can be identified later.
Although it is mid-March, we captured lots of invertebrates in the bowl traps.
We checked the Native Bee Monitoring Traps for the first time this season.  We captured few animals that were easily recognizable as bee species but many of the other insects will have to be left for the experts at Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station to key out.  Tracy Zarrillo and Kimberly Stoner are leading this project for this state.  We are on our way to inventorying and establishing a base-line for long term monitoring for this vital group of organisms for the property.  If you are interested in helping with this project please notify James Fischer, WMCC Research Director.

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