White Memorial's Notable Trees

Of the 2.5 million trees that can be found living on the White Memorial Foundation, there are a few that stand out above the rest.  A systematic and repeatable method has been developed to measure and rate whether certain trees of the same species can be classified as a Notable Tree.  

(l to r) Eddie Matthews, Lukas Hyder, and Nicole Morin measure the spread of this tree's canopy.  
Lukas Hyder, Assistant Property Superintendent, has been reviewing the trees found on the property.  Eddie Matthews, Wamogo Region #6 H.S. Agricultural Science Education student, has been helping him with this procedure.   White Memorial conserves several trees that are recognized as some of the largest trees for certain species in the state and New England!

The circumference of the tree bole at a specific height up the trunk is measured.  

The height of the tree is measured using a clinometer at a specified distance from the tree.

The tree is geo-referenced so that it can be mapped and found later.

The tree is tagged so that everyone knows the tree is part of the project.

The data is recorded and a score is calculated.

Finally, a photo is taken of the tree with a person in the picture
to serve as a scale to size the tree

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