Hartford Courant Article "Resurgent Bobcats Prompt State To Study Habitat, Population"

Bobcat at Apple Hill
By Leo Kulinski, Jr.

Bobcats are frequently observed on the White Memorial Foundation property.  Volunteers who help with our Winter Track Monitoring Program have documented bobcat tracks in many of the critical habitats on the property.  Bobcat tracks are often observed walking along juxtaposed upland and wetland habitats, but they are observed in many other habitats.  Bobcats can predate larger mammals but often will kill small mammals, songbirds, and wild turkeys.  They are often observed scavenging white-tailed deer carcasses that die in the winter from car collisions.  A new project in Connecticut is exploring the current population size and habitat associations in the state.  The article below was published in the Hartford Courant on September 25, 2015.

Resurgent Bobcats Prompt State To Study Habitat, Population

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