Announcing New Bantam Lake Cyanos Website and App

We are pleased to announce a new project for White Memorial's Research and Conservation Programs.  Bantam Lake Cyanos is a new website developed to inform stakeholders about cyanobacteria current activity and the health risks associated with cyanobacteria blooms.  Stakeholders can learn about conservation measures that they can do to reduce their influence which drive cyanos activity.  A smartphone app was developed for Android and iOS.  The app makes it easier for the user to access the cyanobacteria forecast and to encourage users to upload images of cyanobacteria blooms on Bantam Lake.  These images will improve the accuracy of the cyanobacteria forecasts.

The website and app was created by Amanda Keilty, a Bachelor of Science candidate at Johnson State College, Johnson, VT.  Before Amanda's internship at White Memorial, she performed research in Lake Champlain studying how nutrient loading influenced E. coli and harmful algal blooms.

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