May 2017

Images recorded at White Memorial Conservation Center Bird Blind, unless stated otherwise on the White Memorial Foundation Property.  Time stamped is Eastern Standard Time, daylight savings time is not used.

Beaver at Harris Road
Beaver on Harris Road

Bobcat at Harris Road
Raccoon at Harris Road
Cottontail Rabbit at Cranberry Pond
Group of Grey Squirrels
White-tailed Deer near Ripley Swamp
White-tailed Deer on Harris Road
Chipmunk and Morning Dove
House Cat at Cranberry Pond
Great Crested Flycatcher on Harris Road
Gray Catbird at Apple Hill
Gray Catbird at Harris Road
Group of birds
Rose Breasted Grosbeak at Apple Hill
Two Blue Jays
Veery at Harris Road
Wood Thrush at Cranberry Pond
Morning Dove at Harris Road
Carpenter Bee

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