Game Camera on Coyote Carcass

This motion-detect trail camera was set by volunteer Sarah McQuade with the help of Research Director James Fischer. The center of these photographs is a coyote that was struck and killed by traffic on route 202 in Litchfield in late-December. Its carcass was transported by Mr. Fischer to this site off North Shore Road in the Bantam River Field. The photgraphs taken by the camera give some insight into the life history and behaviours of certain species. Please enjoy some of these interesting photographs and make some inferences about the ecological relationships at play here.

Four Virginia Opossums (Didelphis virginiana) surround the carcass in the early evening

A Bobcat (Lynx rufus) entering the frame on the Left, seems to be approaching the carcass.

The carcass is covered in snow, and a(n) Opossum has burrowd an access hole through the snow to the body. 

Opossum appears to be approaching the access hole through the snow to the carcass

Bobcat approaching the carcass from the right 
Bobcat on top of the carcass

Bobcat approaching carcass from behind

Raccoon, left of the carcass, rolling around in the flesh. 
Coyote appraching snow coverd carcass from the left. 

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