Coyote and Bobcat Encounter at Cat Swamp

~30 degrees F, 0% cloud cover, wind NE 0-5 mph, 0.5 - 1 inch of snow

Elena Sasso accompanied me to look for tracks on the Cat Swamp boardwalk and along the western side of swamp.  We observed the following species' tracks:

coyote (at least 2 individuals)
weasel species
red squirrel
grey squirrel
cottontail rabbit species
white-tailed deer

Along the trail on the western side of Cat Swamp we observed an interesting scene. 

We observed a older scat with some fresh urine marks (foreground of the above image), with long paw marks that lead to the scat, and coyote tracks walking away from the scat, but originating at the far end of the paw marks.  I suspect that a coyote encountered this scat in the trail, stopped urinated to leave it's scent, then pawed at the ground by kicking leafs and duff with it hind legs.  After it left its calling card, it then walked away. 

Another interesting encounter occurred when we were at the southern end of Cat Swamp.  We were walking around the edge of the water looking at bobcat tracks and fresh beaver gnawing on Red Maple trees.  We were about to start walking back to the truck when we observed in the distance a bobcat sauntering off into the dense undergrowth.

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