Fresh Bobcat Tracks!

12:05 p.m., 28.5 degrees F, wind NE 5-10 mph, cloud cover 40%, occasional flurries

We have a new volunteer joining the Research and Conservation Program!  Her name is Helena Sasso and on her first day we did little bit of tracking after this morning's hike to Heron Ridge.  We stopped at Catlin Marsh at the junction with Webster Road.  We found more bobcat tracks from yesterday's visit and these looked really fresh!  You can see the tracks record how the animal slowly loped onto the ice then stopped and postured in one place, leaving a really unique pattern in the snow, probably to groom and then continued to walk onto a trail that was used before by a bobcat (maybe the same individual).  Pretty Cool!  I can't tell you how much I wanted to walk out onto the ice to see this in closer detail, but the ice is only about two inches thick!  Just a tad bit too thin for me, but not for a bobcat.

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